“[There is] a new generation of theater artists reared on a diet of vampires, zombies and charming serial killers. Call this movement the Theater of Blood… At the forefront is Clay McLeod Chapman, whose “Pumpkin Pie Show” channels the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft.”
— The New York Times


5/28: NYC: The Evil One at Tilt


6/3: NYC: Nothing Untoward at BookCon!


Read ‘buffet of the damned’ for free at the Daily Dead!

EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #5 (of 5) Arte de FRANCESCO MATTINA https://t.co/ZcSWW3wxyZ
23 May ago

Edge of #Venomverse hits this summer. Featuring my love story between #Deadpool and Venom. This… instagram.com/p/BUeqmB9jaLE/
10h ago